My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Me


My “Golden Birthday” is quickly approaching. So quickly, that it just happens to be tomorrow. I will be turning 28 on February 28th, hence the “Golden Birthday.” Oddly enough, this does not feel like a golden situation, I would label it silver, hell, maybe even bronze. I am single, no kids, no prospects, and currently work in a job that I would not classify as my career. I feel like I have so much more to accomplish and so little time to do it.  Although I am only 28, that, my friends is two years away from 30…I shiver with fear from the thought. As a child I remember wanting to be an adult so desperately. I hated the thought of living at home with my parents, teachers telling me what to do, and basically any authority that tried to dominate me with their old age and wisdom.

Oh how I wish I could turn back the hands of time, when my biggest concern was what to wear to school. Decisions, decisions, decisions…I would give anything at this present moment to be overwhelmed with the choice of: long black duster and jeans or faux fur sweater and boots. I hear young kids complain all the time about how they want to be adults.  I never want to feel like the old woman that shakes her cane in disgust, so I think to myself, “Don’t rush it, you’ll have plenty of time to grow up!!”  Of course, as a child or young adult that is the last thing you want to hear an adult/older person say.

I think I’ll use this year to accomplish all the goals that I’ve set before myself and even finish some of the incomplete ones.

As an old person once screamed at me, “Don’t get old, it’s horrible!”





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