I’m thinking of all the things that I would love to do and ways to get them accomplished. In the meantime between that time and now, I feel as if I am wasting time by thinking and not doing. The saying goes, “Good things come to those that wait.” What does that even mean? Should I wait for the perfect job, should I be wait for someone to realize the amazing talent that lies within me, should I stay inside and wait on the perfect relationship to form? I have answered these questions and the answer is a hard no. Good things do not come to those who wait, good things come to those who get off of their ass and go into the world and own it. You have to make things happen for yourself because nothing in this world is free. Even if it was free, would you really want it? I ask this because often times when we don’t have to work for things it doesn’t allow us to really appreciate the value. It also causes the person who gave us said item and or opportunity for free to say, “Remember when” “Now you owe me” “You only have that because of me”…you get the picture that I’m trying to paint.

I am tired of waiting. Not to make it seem as though I have been waiting and not doing, but I have been guilty of becoming complacent. It is time to wake up from the nightmare of comfort that I have created for myself. It is now a time to live my life for me and focus on reality.

As we all know, “Goals without actions are just dreams.” WAKE UP…


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