Hippies, Jobs, Careers, and Passion

I’m in my office and I’m beginning to think maybe, just maybe, this isn’t my career. The fact that I’m in my office blogging, really drives that point home. I am an artist, I was born to write, and be a free spirit.

Essentially, I feel as though I should be a hippie. It seems funny, but I’m so serious. There was a time in my life and even sometimes now, when I wonder what it would be like to walk around with no shoes. Well, not only that, but no cares, free from judgment, I’m a part of society, but I’m apart from society.
Parents would guard their child’s eyes so they wouldn’t see me and want to be me. I would have the mysteriousness of Batman.

People would want to know about my life and upbringing.
They would ask questions like: Did she go to college? Was her dad around? Does she work? How does her family feel? Does she have family? Who does her dreads? Where did she get that awesome poncho? Does she walk everywhere?

I’m sure hippies have their issues just like everyone else. To me the hippie lifestyle represents, free loving spirits enjoying life and doing what they are passionate about.

With that being said/written, I want to feel free from the constraints of a job, that is not my career. I want to wake up excited for work, not angry, and running 20 minutes behind. I’m going to embrace my inner hippie and keep living and writing until my career/ dream job comes along.

They say, “When you love your job, it will never feel like work.” I feel like an extra in 12 Years A Slave…


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