Feeling extraordinary is a feeling that allows you to look beyond what others say about you. I have realized that people will try to place you in a box that they have designed just for you and then become upset when you decide to live life with no walls. People want you to be ordinary because they are afraid to branch out and do things outside of the word “normal”.  What exactly is normal? Your normal could be wearing white socks, while my normal on the other hand could be wearing a white and an orange sock. If you feel that within you there is a desire to be different and amazing, embrace it. Do not conform, do not change, be exactly who you were destined to be.


One thought on “BE AMAZING

  1. SO so true 🙂 I love this little blurb on confronting the stereotype to be average. I actually just published a post discussing where our idea of “normal” comes from! Feel free to check it out 🙂 you might enjoy my wonky blog haha

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